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As commonplace as car accidentstruck accidents and other accidents are, relatively few people know what their legal rights and options are following an accident. Most are also unaware of the fact that if they hire an attorney, they are statistically much more likely to obtain a significantly higher settlement. But what may be most significant is that there are VERY SPECIFIC time guidlines that in some cases could preclude you from bringing a case and recovering from your injuries.  Read this: NEW PIP laws.  Instead, these people assume that they can handle the matter themselves and that the insurance company will be reasonable and fair.

This is a mistake.

At the Injury Legal Center of Tampa Bay, we believe that personal injury victims have a legal right to financial compensation to pay for their bills, bridge the gap from their lives pre injury through recovery (if possible), for pain and suffering and also, in some circumstances to punish the defendant. The intent of the law is to make injury victims whole again – as if the accident never happened. In some cases financial compensation can never truly make up for the damages suffered; however, money is the only remedy the law allows and we are obsessed with getting the largest possible settlements for our clients.

“Do I have a case?” If you’re asking yourself this question, call or contact an experienced  Tampa Bay Florida personal injury attorney at our law firm for answers and the legal help you need to recover fair compensation.

Liability, Damages and Insurance

Simply stated, if the answer to each of the three questions listed below is yes, then the answer to the question “Do I have a case?” is also yes.

  • Is there liability? If the facts show that the defendant acted negligently and that those acts caused or directly contributed to the accident, our attorney can make a strong argument that the defendant should be held legally liable.
  • Are there damages? Even if you were not injured, you will probably still have a claim for property damage and transportation costs.
  • Is there insurance? If the defendant has insurance, the insurer can be included in the suit as a codefendant. If not, or if there is not enough insurance to cover your losses, it may be possible to obtain additional compensation through your own insurance company. There may be alternative sources of compensation as well.


We represent ALL of our clients on a contingency fee basis – there is no fee unless there is a recovery. The Rules of Professional Conduct require us to state that you might be responsible for costs or expenses; however, OUR CONTRACT specifically provides that you will NOT owe anything for costs, expenses or fees unless there is a recovery. Contact us today for a no obligation discussion about how much your accident case is worth and how we can exceed your expectations. 813-413-1300.

Our firm maintains offices throughout  Florida in Tampa Bay, Clearwater and Saint Petersburg. We can travel to meet with you in your own home, visit you in the hospital or schedule an evening or weekend appointment if necessary.